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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
battle every day. Broglio has joined Noailles, and Prim Charles is on the Neckar. Noailles says, Qu'il a fait w, folie, metis qu'il est $ret a la reparer. There is great Man thrown on Baron Ilton, the Hanoverian General, for havii hindered the Guards from engaging. If they had, and tl horse, who behaved wretchedly, had done their duty, it agreed that there would be no second engagement. Tl poor Duke is in a much worse way than was at first appi bended: his wound proves a bad one; he is gross, and h, had a shivering fit, which is often the forerunner of a mortific tion. There has been much thought of making knighl bannerets, but I believe the scheme is laid aside ; for, in t] first place, they are never made but on the field of batt] and now it was not thought on till some days after; an besides, the King intended to make some who were n actually in the battle. . . .8
Adieu!   Possibly I may hear something in town wor telling you.
125.   To HORACE MANN.
Arlington Street, July 19.
HERE am I come a-Dominichining! and the first thu I hear is, that the Pembroke must perform quarantii fourteen days for coming from the Mediterranean, ai a week airing. It is forty days, if they bring the plagi from Sicily. I will bear this misfortune as heroically I can; and considering I have London to bear it in, m; possibly support it well enough.
The private letters from the army all talk of the King
going to Hanover, 2nd of August, N.S.    If he should n<
one shall be no longer in pain for him; for the French ha-
repassed the Rhine, and think only of preparing again
8 Passage omitted.